Children, future community. What could create these words?

Can unit can another world, perhaps a different concept of life. Or another

  hope, another way to world that we all dream of childhood. Without knowing children on their shoulders the burden of Atlas. Creating the future. Because nothing in our world can not mean future than children. Well, if you want to take care of the future must take care of your children. And neighborhood children, the children of your country, the children of the world you live. They all build the future.  We try only to prepare it.

When we say children say life force, energy, joy, hope.

This is nature. The future is nature. Association "THE FUTURE UBUNTU" offers a new concept of NGO. A focus on the future concept to be ready now.
But the future always offer what we want it to be sustainable.

Children need to be strong on their feet. He knows

how to take care and respect nature and their environment. Know they are part of this nature and in this environment. Concept proposed by us, begins with us.

We, all people on earth. The best things and the longest durability are

made in the community. This concept means first of all future construction in the community.