The money you donate will build:

Step 1. The legal person association.

Step 2. Land acquisition for all projects described in page "Ubuntu                 

     community "

Step 3. Making alternative energy system (solar, wind, hydro turbines, hybrid 


Step 4. Acquisition of specific equipment for project activities.
Step 5. Pay specialists to be employed in projects.

Step 6. Creating resources that enable sustainability projects (permaculture,

            aquaculture, development of support networks, etc.) and many other



For each step you will find here evidence that realization step.



Donates 1 euro in a year
Or the equivalent in any currency held )


 Or more. Or as much as you want.

Thank you
very much!

Start up each project will be submitted online in real time.


All our work will be periodically transmitted online in real time.

 Will be organized for online videoconferencing specialists can discuss the association, and with our beneficiaries. This way you can see and understand accurately and completely transparent in what happens to the money they donate.

And this is just the beginning. Association concept for integrated solutions

and complete is many more. Here you can find solutions in the near future to create a life truly independent and viable alternatives based on staying in your power.

Other forms of support:

Tell the world about us. Put a link to our association website wherever you think people can see and contribute to a great community for children.

Propose a form of support or suggest ideas to promote

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