Day Centre aims, to ensure protection and children in need social assistance,

without interrupting ties with his family. Follow thus preventing social exclusion of children and families at risk of social isolation or incapable of providing minimum subsistence conditions, growth and education through a program of educational services, social, psychological and medical offered at the center.

We obtain in this way a form of social protection and which prevents outside the

institutional system, situations that endanger the security and development of the child, while also trying to prevent transforming individual or family in a candidate dependent on welfare state.

Result we pursue is to create independence and sustainability, to develop capacity

on both the individual and the family.

This is the model that inspired us and we want to adapt it to project recovery center.

There are lessons and models that make us believe in a community project sustainable low-cost construction and maintenance.

This step by step lessons on how to build wonderful things ourselves, thus eliminating the cost of labor.



Setting up a social service locally for children in difficulty that prevents entry into

residential care system, promoting the child's fundamental right to raise their own families.

Specific Objectives

· Creating alternatives in the community for children in need.
· Increase the number of children receiving services to prevent abandonment and

· Preventing school dropout and juvenile delinquency.
· Developing a Community assistance, education and socialization that meets the

  child's needs but also the community in which it belongs;
· Participatory community involvement and support programs applying for the

  benefit of its members,
· Avoid less poor discrimination in favor of the poor;
· Participation in local community development opportunities necessary to build


Activities for children:

education, social, vocational skills and self hygiene, preparation for integration into school, homework preparation, recreational activities;

Activities for parents:

Information on raising and educating children, parental education, individual and group counseling, hygiene, participation in support groups, including the economic alternative program


No: - 25
age group: - 0 - 18 years
source: rural - urban
issues: - poverty, disability, incapacity sustainability, etc..

Day center services are for children and families where you can find these social

- lack of material resources for parents;
- increased risk of neglect and abuse of children;
- lack of adequate housing;
- children's risk of becoming street children;
- pre-delinquent behavior and conduct disorder;
- dropping out of school and participating in school activities;
- poor healthcare;
- lack of information, training and culture

We offer recovery, rehabilitation, social reintegration and socio-occupational

therapy for children with disabilities who have at least the following diagnoses:

- Cerebral palsy with cerebral palsy diverse expression: hemi-, para-, tetra;
- Birth defects: clubfoot, hip dysplasia;
- Sequelae after cranio - cerebral (TCC) home, road, etc.
- Sensory-motor neuropathy;
- Peripheral paralysis:
- Metabolic neuropathies, the inclavare;
    *  neuromuscular diseases:
    * Landon-Down syndrome, autism, etc..

They offer services for:

- kinesiology
- special Education
- speech therapy
- alternative therapies (flavor-Terp, music therapy, hydro therapy, massage, etc.).
- psychological counseling
- neuropsychological and motor recovery
- intermediary institutions in connection with their school environment for  

  integration and social they live.
- Household counseling activities to form an independent life.
- Pediatric nurse