In childhood, we typically appropriated by all the criticism and all charges.

This behavior provokes feelings that are accumulated and suppressed during this period.
Maturity but suppressed childhood feelings resurface.This brings us to easily interpret as some critics partner comments, accusations, denials.At times like this it is hard to talk to maturity.

Everything is wrong. Because we do not know how to deal with suffering, we

block. In order to cure these conditions should be shared, but we are afraid or ashamed to show how we feel.When we are not love, when we do not we know, we are not happy.We doubt ourselves, we rarely good choices, we feel vulnerable to obstacles and difficulties.For this reason we become depressed, angry, bored, resentful or just exhausted, for no apparent reason.They are actually "symptoms" Our problems are prevented from emerging.And yet, nothing is forever lost.


The fundamental aim of counseling is optimal psychosocial functioning person /

group.This can be achieved by pursuing the following objectives.

Promoting health and wellbeing - optimal in terms somatic, physiological, mental,

emotional, social and spiritual.

Personal development - self knowledge, self image, ability responsible decision,

interpersonal, creative attitude.

Prevention - preventing negative emotional disposition, to distrust itself,

interpersonal conflicts, learning difficulties, the social inadequacy.

Acceptance of self - positive attitude towards self, acceptance personal qualities

and defects, positive perceptions of past experiences and future.

Positive relationships with others - trust people, sociable, friendly, need to give

affection, empathic attitude, open and warm.

Autonomy - independent, determined, resistance to pressure of the group,

evaluation of self by personal standards, creating opportunities for valuing personal needs

Control - a feeling of competence and personal control over work, building

choices consistent with their values.

Meaning and purpose in life - directed by medium and long term purposes,

experience positive past, present and relevance of future joy, convinced that deserves to get involved, curiosity.

Personal Development - openness to new experiences, efficiency, flexibility,

creativity, rejection routine.

Online counseling is a new way,, coming together "with a counselor. Program

charged, difficult to go through to a cabinet, may fear to go out in public, concerns about privacy can all be a part of the reasons may be chosen this way of advice.
Online counseling is thus the fastest way to find out the details you need in the process of maturation and development.

Although the operating mode is different from traditional counseling, its

advantages are obvious:

1. Interacting here and now!
2. You are free to choose when you want to participate!
3. Eliminate stage fright associate a face to face!
4. You can meditate more deeply on questions and answers, being able to send

    counselor when you think it really expresses what you think.

5. You can "keeping a journal" of online discussions that facilitates effective

    "counter" your relationship with yourself counseling intervention.
6. Each of us can be reluctant to talk about ourselves or when it comes to

   strangers, whether it is about what bothers us and not give us peace. Therefore 

   online counseling can offer this framework in which you can express yourself as

   you can be without getting scared at the thought of being judged, labeled or

7. An online counseling network enables the subject to consult many

  psychologists from different countries. In this way you can form a

  comprehensive view of the problem and can make a complete picture of an

  analysis based on several psycho-socio-cultural milestones.

Number of beneficiaries


- 5 beneficiaries (children) for each registered volunteer counselor

      ( 1 child per working day)

Children who can benefit from this project should have between 5 and 18 years.

Number of counselors which can apply is not limited.