Solutions without money.

This is purpose the "free resources project".

The world we live is not outside our building.
It is made ​​by us, all people on earth. And we built this world in at least two millennia. And all this time I ignored the part of people who could not fit in a world economy that has not been built for them. So we are used to seeing poverty and get her back the whole period of our history.

One good thing is that we can fix or improve a system today tells us that ...

everything costs.


Or can they? There are no other solutions? If we can not pay the price, it means

that I must be out of the game? When I remove the capitalist world can not offer anything useful for creating profit, that means I have no chance?

Fortunately there are at least two ideas that provide solutions.

Based on social solidarity and sharing resources. So you can create a social economy. And we do not mean you have to free stuff.
It just means you have to look different four ideas: needs, price or cost, based on sharing resources and not pay, payment possibilities (the price you can pay).
Have you ever thought how many things we can do for each other? The idea of ​​free resources to be a platform for projects that can turn the world against itself.

When we are looking to make money first ideas. And that means find something

for anyone to pay. What would the world be if the offer would directly address application and not mediated by money? We believe that such guidance could provide solution for those who believe that the capitalist world does not need them.

This project will work closely with "solutions program socio-economic

alternative. "

Project is primarily addresses the 25 poor families who have children with

disabilities and are already enrolled in our services.


But a project is much more open and ambitious who wants to gather and

develop alternative solutions to reduce poverty and create opportunities to access basic resources: information, knowledge (information specialist who can produce something concrete), energy, food and transportation.