Program for socio-economic alternatives is the terminus the route you need to go

through our beneficiaries poor children with disabilities and their families in an attempt to find alternatives for the rehabilitation and social reintegration. You need to create resources that can not be obtained for as little money they earn in the real economy, or because no longer find place in this economy.


The project should follow the guidance that at least the following targets

1. creating tools for getting alternative energy that can be used in a private home

   (solar panels, wind turbines, Hydraulic, hybrid, etc.).

2. production and distribution of electricity free alternative for those who for

   various reasons can not manage their own systems for this type of energy

   (energy micro).

3. creating and developing alternative forms of agriculture, such as: permaculture,

   aquaculture, agriculture intensive crop production in the conditions that these

   systems do not affect the natural state of products.

4. joint creation of this program beneficiary families to independently perform

    most basal resources for living.

5. creating opportunities for improving living homes in poor families,   

    beneficiaries of the program, encouraging the idea of ​​passive houses.

6. creating other types of associations that can provide answers or alternative for

   situations where there are no resources to survive

7. development of any solutions that can contribute to the consolidation of social


8. creating workshops that poor working people and people with disabilities to

   produce various small lightweight electric vehicle (bicycles, tricycles, and so on).

We believe that these ideas are also for our association, very best solutions to

save significant amounts of money in administration and operation of our projects as they are removed in this way, costs or expenses for ongoing energy, food and even transportation, given that developing transport options using electricity.

Also, passive model, constructed on a dome geodesic, in combination with an

alternative energy system, gives us serious reasons to be confident that in the cold season we have chletuieli no heat energy, eliminating heating costs.

An own agricultural association guarantees that in situations economic crisis, but

also in terms of a food crisis, we have problems with providing our services to beneficiaries who give us their trust.

We are confident that the success of this model can be a good example of socio-

economic alternative given that the economy can not provide positive answers when people and especially poor families need them.

The model for this program is a combination of film and the image below:

This is the model farm alternative model in which, instead of traditional buildings will be placed geodesic domes, buildings like the movies above.