The project aims to help promote and increase independence its beneficiaries and

to keep a balance in their lives and families


Project Need:


This is the second project complete path of social services for families children

with physical disabilities and / or mental.

We need this type of service because many people (children and adults alike)

with psychiatric disabilities and / or physical permanently living with parents who are increasingly older and more able to cope with heavy demands constant their children.


One of the main purposes of respite services is to provide families with a disabled

person the opportunity to temporarily release the stress you feel when you provide care. Providing such services can prevent abuse and neglect and contributing to the family unit. The project responds deeply felt demand of families who want and need moments of rest and relaxation.


Eases breathing center temporarily family but also offers people with disabilities

the opportunity to remove the least the parents and to gain autonomy.


Over the years, due to the lack of alternative and complementary and fatigue

accumulation, parents of adults with disabilities are breaking their previous life, giving even the simplest joys of life outside caring for their child. The family is isolated, intense relationship between parents and their children with intellectual disabilities (adults as well) often tends to become exclusive. 



We propose to provide services to a total of 25 children with

Aged: 0 - 18 years

  It is the second service offered children who receive day care center and recovery

To the host:

Temporary: 16 hours / day, maximum 14 consecutive days / month or variants

depending on family needs and possibilities of the project

For a total of: 30 children, of which 15 sites totally free and 15 pay for 50% of

the time hosting offer.

What we offer:

Supervision, guidance

- For activities-care, personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, etc..


- Program resources for socio-economic alternatives educational programs
- On the rules of social behavior, hygiene skills, sex education, behavior in society and self-management

Social activities

- Participation in cultural and artistic events, visits to different institutions, parties, night out etc..

Psychological counseling

- Assessment / reassessment, psychological profiling, individual and group counseling


- Prevention, medical, medication administration, ensuring necessary medical devices in the center, services to maintain physical or intellectual potential

Support in obtaining the rights provided by legislation

- Information, advice, guidance, support social counseling

- Ways to prevent social exclusion and social integration in relation to psycho capacity;

Internal administrative services:

- Support for personal hygiene, mobility assistance for people with physical, physical therapy activities for maintenance, food and medication administration