We want to create not just another non-governmental organization that issues

projects on the subject of social problems, we want to create the concept for addressing social community.

For any social problem is not just one disease treated with medication.

Its solution requires support, collaboration, networking support and especially counseling, supervision, encourage positive behavior, changes in attitude, approach, development of motivations and resources.


A social problem always includes many other problem is tangent with

othersituations that negatively affect.
Its solution can not be done only by specialists, fellows collaboration needs, support and unity.


Terms of this concept are:

Sustainability: continuously create their resources it need both for functionality

  and for achieving goals.

Independence: To use any resource existing in society that might reduce or

  eliminate costs, such as free energy, volunteering, financial or

  material donations from civilian sources without participation

  funds or institutions government.

Autonomy: to build itself most of the skills that it needs to achieve its purposes.

The "round-trip": to create resources, capabilities, that can be used in the

community and contribute to reduce or eliminate certain community costs (providing free renewable energy in the community).

Interactivity: - Our donors can follow and contribute to the development and

conduct projects that donate so visible and transparent is what happens with the money donated.Can also have discussions with beneficiaries and project specialists in online videoconferencing.

Experimentation - Students social-human faculty may perform volunteer

specialization for which they prepare and can experience it directly to the work that will develop in the future.Can also come with pilot projects that develop them in our projects, and learning to coordinate projects.